Pi-spy at Derby Mini Maker Faire!

I’m very excited to be heading off to Derby Mini Maker Faire tomorrow. It’s my 4th year having a stand and the event just seems to get bigger and better every year. I’m looking forward to this year especially because there are so many people from the Pi community attending or exhibiting. If you’re a fan of all things Pi, then here’s a quick round-up of what to look out for amongst the many different craft, art and digital stalls. **

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Raspberry Pi Certified Educators

For the second year running, I’m working with Matthew Parry on a stand full of hacks and makes inspired by our time at Picademy. This amazing, two-day CPD course is the start of a journey in digital making and education, and a big part of this is displaying projects and getting inspiration for new ones.

Micro Pi Noon

I last saw Micro Pi Noon at the Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash earlier this year and it’s so much fun. Think Robot Wars with balloons …

…and talking of Robot Wars ….

Dr Lucy Rogers, Robot Wars judge and and Maker-in-Chief at the Guild of Makers has tweeted that she will be at the Faire.

Spencer Organ

Spencer is going to run Minecraft workshops using the Raspberry Pi which are going to be super popular. I also saw Spencer last at the Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash, and he always comes up with creative makes, which he showcases on his blog The Maker Cupboard.


The RC2014 is a self-assembly kit to build your own computer. It uses the Pi Zero as a video card and can be programmed using Microsoft BASIC for a nostalgic retro-computing experience.

Pi Bash

Test your strength using Steve Upton’s Pi Bash make as featured in the MagPi!

Extreme Electronics

If you don’t spot Derek via his Pi-powered steampunk tentacle hat, you’ll certainly not miss the Tesla coils displays, which are one of the most visually exciting things to see at the Maker Faire.


PiKon is a 3-D printable Pi-powered telescope, powerful enough to see the surface of the moon in detail.

More of the Pi community has tweeted that they are heading to Derby tomorrow too, so it promises to be quite a day!

**This is by no means a comprehensive list, so if you’re not on it then tweet me at @primaryicttech and I’ll give you a shout-out!


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