Nottingham Raspberry Jam #1 “Dust off your Pi”

Saturday 28th May saw the first Nottingham Raspberry Jam. Thanks to the generosity of Nottingham Hackspace, we were able to hold it in their studio and borrow some hardware from them. The theme was “Dust off your Pi” and we wanted those attending to grab their Pis which had been gathering dust, bring them along and start using them.

sparkly tab;e
The “sparkly” table included a Codebug and a Colour Star, a Sense HAT and a Unicorn HAT – and Babbage!

We’d researched other Raspberry Jams and decided to make our event focused on hacking, making and learning. We divided the room up into four areas: a beginners table, a Picamera table, a “sparkly” table and a gaming table. Those who came were able to either set up their own kit and develop their own project or move from one area to the next and try out the different activities.


beginners talk
The beginners talk underway


We started the Jam with a talk for beginners which covered how to set up a Pi, what the operating system looks like and what the Pi can do.



Some of the highlights of the day included:

  • a teenage girl who came along with her dad, coded for the first time and was also the lucky winner of her own Raspberry Pi in the raffle
  • a grandma and grandson who brought a Pi and a 7-inch touchscreen which they couldn’t quite get working, and were helped by others to set it up so that it worked fully

    air pressure sensor
    An air pressure sensor using a Sense HAT
  • having a go at copying an SC card using the SD card replicator in the updated version of Raspbian for the first time
  • hacking and making projects including a remote doorbell, a retro games arcade and an air pressure sensor and display

Thanks to Jonathan, Nick and John for helping to set up and running activities and to the members of Nottingham Hackspace for being so welcoming and helpful.

We’re hoping to run the Jam in Nottingham every two months and to grow it gradually to include some scheduled talks, some brief “show and tell” presentations and lots more hands-on digital making.



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