TEDxDerby Part 2: The event and thank yous!

TEDxDerby was a blur of activity, nerves, determination, chat, people, photos, cables, clocks, coffee, sweets, cameras, clickers, water, hugs, support, microphones, sunlight, laughter, smiles and happiness.

Above all, for me, it was a day when I faced down my fears and won. I delivered an honest, engaging and passionate talk about how we need to remake our childrens’ interaction with technology from consumers to creators.

These amazing photos from @hydrophilous (Glyn Smith) sum it up!

Before the event with Ben and Helen
Before the event with Ben and Helen
getting ready on the front row2
Sitting on the front row, waiting for the talks to start
talking with alyson
Talking with Alyson, an amazing lady who combines art and technology
me and alyson laughing
Sharing a laugh about a lost hair grip!
me talking
My turn to talk “Coding the Hairy Toe”
me talking 7
Wouldn’t it be great if coding could be something for everyone to learn, just like writing is?
me and phillip after the talk on stage
Being interviewed by Professor Moriarty after my talk

My TEDx talk was written and delivered by me, but I need to thank so many people who helped me along the way.

First a massive thank you to Michael Mentessi, Community Manager at Code Club for sharing your expertise and giving your advice so generously. I really could not have given this talk without you.

Thank you to all the Code Club family for your support – Clare for starting Code Club and being an inspirational CEO, all the team at HQ, all the Regional Coordinators and volunteers who have tweeted support, and all the children who attend Code Clubs.

Thank you to the people who featured in my talk – Joseph, for your passion for “The Hairy Toe” and Mrs Devonport for indeed being an awesome human being who I am proud to have worked with and to have as a friend.

Thank you to Nigel Vardy for the coaching session, bearing with my nerves and sharing your wisdom and experience.

Thank you to all the other TEDxDerby speakers this year: Ben, Susan, Alyson, Alastair, Helen and Joe. It was great working with you and supporting each other through this. We did a brilliant job guys!

Thank you to Christine for asking me to be a speaker and seeing something in me that I didn’t know was there myself.

Thanks to all the TEDx team of volunteers. I feel lucky to count many of you as friends as well as seeing you bring all your talents and commitment together to make a memorable and successful event.  You rock!

tedx derby team x shot

Thank you to Jodie for being a friend for life, my audience for rehearsals and giving me great feedback.

Thanks for my mum and dad for your help with childcare and your encouragement to follow my dreams.

And finally the biggest thanks to Madeleine and Harriet, my two daughters. Thank you Harriet for letting me use your talking unicorn and thank you Madeleine for you fearlessness and suggestions for the talk. You are both amazing and I love you all the way the moon and back, a gazillion times, always and forever.


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