A Symbaloo of Primary Computing Curriculum Resources

I’ve been trying to gather the most essential resources for the new Primary Computing Curriculum into one place. There is a plethora of information springing up at the moment, and making sense of it all can be bewildering!

At the moment, I am concentrating on resources which I can either read online, or download under a Creative Commons license to use. Some of my schools buy into specific commercial resources as well, but I thought I would start with the free stuff first.

Resources from organisations are in white. By and large, these are not-for-profit companies, although if a commerical company is offering free resources then I have added them in too.

The tiles in green are must reads for anyone teaching Computing: the Computing PoS, the CAS / NAACE guide for primary teachers and Ofsted guidance from the National Lead Inspector for Computing, David Brown HMI.

The purple tiles are some of the fantastic blogs and sites which have been created by teachers for teachers. I have humbly added my own right at the bottom, but the rest are in no particular order. I dip into these for inspiration regularly. I will definitely be adding to this in the near future I’m sure!

primary computing symbaloo

The link for this webmix is Primary Computing Webmix if you want to use it as it is, or create your own account and remix this for your own use. At the moment, it’s fairly Computer Science and Coding heavy but these are the newest parts of the curriculum. I’m sure I will be using these sites for ideas a lot this year!


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