Three ways of using Education City with a whole class

Recently, I’ve been working with a couple of my schools making sure that their subscriptions to Education City are being used to their full potential. Most teachers are aware of the educational games on Education City which can be used by pupils who have 1:1 or 1:2 access to a device. However, there is so much more that can be used too, especially with a whole class via a whiteboard. Here are three suggestions:

1. Use Think-Its as an opener to get pupils sharing their ideas

Think-Its are short, open-ended questions designed to get pupils thinking. Sometimes there might be a right answer – often there will be several right answers. The example below is in the Year 1 Computing Think-Its and provides a great introduction on what makes a “good” password.

education city think-its

2. Use the Activities section in whiteboard mode

Many of the Activities in Education City can also be played in whiteboard mode. This presents exactly the same activity but takes the timer off (thanks to the eagle-eyed TA who spotted this for me!). This means that you can show examples to the whole class.

Whiteboard mode is activated by clicking on the button towards the top left-hand corner of the launch screen. (As pointed out by the big green arrow which I have added in the screen-shot below). This particular activity is in Year 6 Maths and explores perimeter.

education city whiteboard mode

3. Use Topic Tools to introduce activities or revise key ideas

The Topic Tools feature allows teachers to prepare resources beforehand to use in class. The Word Wheels tool within Year 3 literacy, as shown in the screen shot below, creates two wheels containing prefixes or suffixes plus the root of the word. Pupils can then come up to the board and spin the wheels until they make a real-life word.

education city topic tools

The great thing about Topic Tools is that you can create them beforehand and save them, then reopen them to use in the lesson.

If you have any tips on how to use Education City successfully with a whole class then please leave feedback below and I’ll add them to the blog!




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