Adware – cleaning it up and avoiding it in the first place

There seems to be a lot of adware out there at the moment. In the last week, I’ve seen things like RegCleanPro,, Wizlokii and others appearing.

The first things I always check for are

  • to uninstall any recently installed software which looks suspicious via Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
  • make sure any browser settings are put back to normal, e.g. the home page setting, and removing any suspicious add-ins

Even then, it can be really hard to detect any remaining traces of malware, and anti-virus software does not always pick it up, but I have come across this Adware Cleaner which spots registry entries, folders and files and will clean them up.

Avoiding Adware in the first place

Like any other link, this requires caution as downloading any software / app from the internet can potentially download a virus as well. Generally I use for reliable downloads.

When downloading any software from the internet, always check each screen carefully to see if any other software will be included as well. Make sure you untick boxes so that you don’t end up with more than you bargained for!



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