Flash player and ActiveX Filtering

I had a really strange problem at a school recently. A teacher was trying to play a video on Youtube (having got past the OpenHive web filtering by logging on of course!) but across the screen was a red banner which said Flash Player was not installed. A quick check in Add/Remove Programs showed that it was …. but anyway, I uninstalled Flash, downloaded and installed the latest version – but still had the red banner. Weird.

So I started a little circle of uninstalling and reinstalling. Was the Internet Safety button interfering with it? No. Was anti-virus software blocking it? No.

After half an hour of this fun, I turned to that most wonderful of sources – I googled it! And found the answer. It’s all to do with Internet Explorer 9 and something called “ActiveX Filtering”. If ActiveX Filtering is ticked, it  allows you to browse the Web without running any ActiveX controls.  But Flash Player is an ActiveX control and when filtering is enabled Flash content will not be displayed on a webpage. A quick untick, and all was well.

It took me forty minutes – FORTY MINUTES!! – to find that tick. But it was worth it!

A link to the most excellent help article about this on Adobe’s community support is here at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/867968


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