The screen is upside down!

Anyone ever gone to a classroom PC and found that the display is upside down or on its side? Usually it happens in nursery or reception classes where a child has flipped the screen accidentally. Or sometimes it happens with the older children once they learn a few tricks.

Many modern graphics cards come with lots of features including the facility to rotate the screen through 90, 180 and 270 degrees, and the shortcut to do this via hotkey combinations as well, e.g. Crtl + Alt + up arrow.

It’s a good idea to do this on every device acround the school, just to save standing on your head on a fairly regular basis! Right-click anywhere on the Windows desktop and select something like Graphics Options, or Graphics Properties, depending on your particular system. Then click through the tabs or menu options until you see menu options saying “Enable rotation” and “Enable hotkeys”. These are the ones you want to either untick or disable.

Screenshot of Intel graphics card hotkeys settings

Hopefully that means no more craning your neck!


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